La segunda edición de los galardones para emprendedores ha recibido 382 candidaturas.


Last year, 232 entrepreneurs decided to tell their story through a candidacy for the Somos Empresa awards, organized by Banco Popular in collaboration with EL PAÍS and Cadena SER. This second edition, which closed registrations last September 12 after almost five months, has counted 382, of which 194 have been in the category of Somos Innovadores.
These awards recognize the ability to inspire, create value and generate opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, which for the entity is one of the key agents for generating wealth and prosperity in society: “They are the basis of employment growth in Spain and Constitute the essence of our productive fabric. ” So much so that, according to the latest report of the General Sub-Directorate for SME Support, they represent 99.9% of the companies in Spain. Of these, 95.8% of them have between 0 and 9 employees. “Today, in a moment of recovery and strengthening of our economy, it is vital to transmit confidence to the entrepreneurs, encourage them in the achievement of their projects and accompany them from the beginning in making their initiatives viable,” say Popular.