The Guadalajara Book Fair is the scene of an attack on the author’s new novel.


In Mexico, corruption had the color of money. Now he also has the color of blood, in the country where José Alfredo Jiménez sang La vida no vale nada. Jorge Zepeda, journalist, novelist, winner of the Planet in 2014, knows those variations of the color of the rot of his country, where he was born 65 years ago, like the palm of his hands. And from these hands has come a new novel (The usurpers, Destiny) of his saga of the blues, to which corresponds that prize book. He says it: the text is about Mexico, “but it appeals to what is happening now around the world.”


And now Mexico is facing such threats. Jorge de Ibargüengoitia, predecessor in the dissection of his country, has a book, Instructions for living in Mexico. “What happens now, with Trump, that many see it as a tragedy, is that everything is going to move for the worse. And that factor forces to reissue the manual of survival in Mexico “.

His novel takes place in a dramatic atmosphere, like almost the whole history of Mexico. It happens in 2017, tomorrow, when it is going to elect president of the country; The current one (in the fiction) is called Prida, a transcript of the prísta Peña Nieto; It combs the same, besides. A group of journalists, politicians, sicarios and corruptors dance to the rhythm of the novel, but also to the rhythm of reality. In a few days (in fiction, and in reality: opens this 26th November, is its 30th anniversary) is going to celebrate the International Book Fair Guadalajara (the FIL). And there, the reader knows from the beginning (as in Chronicle of a death announced, “no more and no less,” says Zepeda), there is going to be an attack. Are not you afraid that fiction will come true? “The events happen in 2017! Who would have thought that the Twin Towers would fall … so many things? And no one can think that’s going to happen there. But, yes it is true: the line between fiction and reality is very thin and sometimes that income comes from one in the other.


The public thing

What is fiction, entirely, is the character of the characters. Journalists, politicians … everyone is aware of the possibility of being corrupted or of being in a position to corrupt, to usurp … Do not you fear that fiction is reality? “What is scary is that the public thing is intoxicated. And even those who come new or clean are on that border. “